They call me CreatorStack. That’s not my name.

Welcome to Backstage! A home for creators and people who love & support them.

We help creators to 🤝 Engage deeply with fans 🛠 Build fan loyalty 💵 Monetize directly + sustainably from fans

Your Audience become Super Fans inside Backstage.

Why Superfans?

Because fan loyalty is the best way to increase the lifespan of your creative career.

Super fans:
💪 Work for your growth
🙏🏻 Seek your attention and are loyal
💸 Pay for authentic interactions & access

As CreatorStack we gave you free tools and resources in the form of drops 💧.

And we’ll still bring you access to all of these under Backstage as well!

In a nutshell, we give you:

1: The Backstage App

The best way to meet your Super Fans, invest in deepening relationships and reap the rewards of greater fan loyalty and direct, sustainable monetization from fans.

2: Backstage Creator Partner Program

We’re awarding creators up to $5000 each week for great engagement on the Backstage app! Learn more about creating your own Backstage here.

3: Creator Economy Buzz

The best way to keep up with buzz in the Creator Economy is here or on our Instagram where we’ll give you daily breakdowns of what’s new in the space.

🗓 See January’s Buzz Summary to catch up

4: Find your Super Fans

If you’re on YouTube, find out who your real Super Fans are using!

To get started, all you have to do is:

  1. Connect your Youtube account to the app
  2. Allow permissions
  3. Finally, get to know who your most loyal fans are

Read more about My Super Fan before you try it, here.

5: Creator Resource Kit

We’ve hunted down 1000+ of the best tools for content creators to help you grow your business.

Looking for a tool to help you manage invoices from brand partnerships? Or something to help you stream your next LetsPlay? Just select the category you’re looking for to see a list of the top tools to meet your need.

We’ve even added some of our competitors in there 🙊 Here’s why.

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