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Creator Resource Kit is an ever-growing curated free collection of 1000+ tools and resources for Youtubers, Musicians, Photographers, Videographers, Writers, Podcasters & Gamers. Tools which help them create, distribute, manage, learn, monetize, grow & more.

$1.3 billion has been invested in the creator economy in 2021 alone. The Creator Economy’s market size is estimated to be around $104.2 billion with a future valuation of trillions of dollars. Not exactly lunch money.

With a market that’s growing so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. Especially if you’re a creator.

What with weekly uploads to hit; audiences to engage with; metrics to keep track of and a whole host of other creator responsibilities- it takes a lot to keep the engine running on a creative business. And it doesn’t leave much space to explore a landscape that’s as rapidly evolving as the creator economy.

And when you think about that, you can see the problem with this arrangement. After all, no matter how many billions of dollars and companies there may be in the space- if creators don’t know about the companies themselves, it’s hard for them to find value in the things that are being created for them.

So we went on a treasure hunt. After months of combing the wild, wild west of the internet, we made a library of over 1000 companies that are building in this space.

This resource library contains tools for creators of all kinds, from writers to video producers to podcasters to illustrators to… you get the point. If you have a talent with one form of media, you’ll find 10 tools here to help you on your creator journey. Hopefully, a hundred.

Now are some of these companies competitors to CreatorStack? Sure, some of them are, in a business sense.

But big picture, we’re all fighting for the same cause. To make the world a better place for creators – a better place for the best parts of being human.

And that’s a vision worth striving compiling enormous lists for.

Here’s CreatorStack’s Resource Kit for Creators –

Video Platforms

“Content is King. But Video is Queen”

Video is the most consumed form of communication there is today. Every minute on the internet there is 500 hours of content uploaded on YouTube; 28,000 subscribers watching Netflix and 5000 TikTok downloads.

Since video is the premier form of communication, there are a ton of resources to manage every step of the process from:
Audience Building – MelonApp; SpecialTv; CaffeineTV; YouNow;
Learning – Metafy, PipeLine; GamerzClass
Monetization – Boon; Uscreen; PowerSpike; Streamloots
ManagementOslo; Live Control; Mob Crush;
EngagementCrowdCast, Maestro
MarketplaceViral Hog, Storyblocks, Pexels, Depositphotos
Data and Analytics – StreamBee;
Content Creation ToolCreatorkit, Happyscribe, Unilingo, Artlist, Combo


In a post-pandemic world where physical record sales are almost non-existent and live events are a rarity, musicians today depend on music streaming for their revenue. But music streaming isn’t exactly a lucrative business for the artist. Spotify reportedly paid $.0033-$.0054 per stream. Translated that’s 250 streams to earn a dollar.

Not exactly an ideal situation for creators. These set of platforms are changing that equation one feature at a time:
Audience BuildingAudius; Bandcamp; Tidal; Sidedoor
ToolRecord Deal simulator; Publishing Simulator
Content Creation TooleMastered; Soundation
DistributionKobalt; Stem; BeatStars; Ditto; Amuse; Artlist
MonetizeSongTradr; Trac; Boomy; Matter
ManageVydia; ReverbNation
MarketplaceShareGrid; Landr; Voices

Photos & Design

If you thought photo content creators only had Instagram to play around with, think again. From digital photo shoot marketplaces like Soona to an AI photo editing tool like Luminar, there have been plenty of innovations in the category.

Here are some of our favorites:
Audience BuildingPinterest
Content Creation Tool500Px; Crello; Luminar ; Venngage
MarketplaceHyphy.TV; Soona; Foap; Get Craft


Writing is the bedrock of all content. Don’t believe us? There are 600 million blog sites on the internet out of 1.7 billion websites. The number of active bloggers in the United States alone is 31.7 million – a tenth of America’s population.

Here are the platforms that are helping bloggers become platform agnostic:
Audience BuildingRevSync; SendFox; Tiny Letter; Papyrus; SparkLoop; Revue .
Content Creation ToolMirror; Spell;; Tales
MonetizeGhost; Sponsorgap; Swapstack; Hecto; Letterwell
Resources & DiscoveryReally Good Emails; Letterhunt; Cleanfox; Leave me alone
Note Taking/ Knowledge BaseBear; Goodnotes; Scrinever; Obsidian;
Newsletter Reading AppsStoop; Slick Inbox
Newsletter feedsFeedbin; Myrrs
PublishingBlurb; Reedsy;; Holloway


The Podcast space has exploded in the last 3 years. As of March 2021, Apple Podcasts hosts 47 million episodes on their platform from a total of 1.96 million podcasts, up from 550,000 podcasts just three years ago. That’s a lot of competition. The average podcast gets around 27 listens per episode. The top 1% of podcasts have almost 3,200 per episode. And then there’s Joe Rogan who gets upto 7 million listens per episode.

Here are some of the platforms trying to even out that gap:
Content Creation ToolSquadcast; Castup; Zencastr; Callin; Headliner; Resoundly
DistributionTransistor; Zencast; Wildcast; Fusebox; Podcastindex
MonetizePodcorn; Redcircle; Podsights; Glow; Acast; Backtracks
ManageSimplecast; Sounder; Ausha; Resonate
Audience BuildingPodpage; Spoon; Listenapp
MarketplacePodcast rental; Peerspace
Data & AnalyticsPodtrac; Pinecast; Bcast


Yes, there may be 50M creators online. But 47 million of them believe themselves to be amateurs. And a large part of this reason is that they are not making money with their creations just yet. Although two million creators are already making 6 figure incomes, 97.5% of YouTubers don’t make enough to reach the US poverty line.

These platforms are trying to shift that narrative for creators:
Project-based funding – Kickstarter; Indiegogo
Subscription-basedBuy me a coffee; Fanhouse;; Memberstack
Tip JarKo-fi; Frada
Digital downloadsSelz; Payhip; Sendowl; Samcart
Online Courses Monthly; Knowable; Thinkfic; Uscreen
For course CreatorsMaven; Disco
For Fitness CreatorsPlaybook; Arketa; wofh; Superset
Sell MerchandiseFanjoy; Cala; Bigcartel; Offscript; Pietra
Live Sellingbambuser; Popshop; Performlive; Supergreat
Fashion MarketplaceDepop; Curtsy; Tradesy


In a post r/wallstreetbets world, where a URL community can have $8 billion worth of IRL significance, the world has come to acknowledge the power of internet communities. People have such strong connections with their online communities because unlike offline ones, they aren’t boxed in by geography to find people who share the same interest they do.

Here are some of the best community builders available today:
Chat PlatformsGeneva; Disciple; Bunches; Salut
Forum PlatformsCircle; Tribe; Group; Peerboard
MonetizeLaunchpass; Fancircles; Hiven; Comonetize
EngagementCommunity; DSM; Meetsy; Lowdown; Intros
Custom AppsHoneyCommb; TokyWoky
Voice PlatformsAirtime; Voiceher; Clubhouse
ManageThreado; Commsor; Orbit;
Data & AnalyticsCommunity Copilot; Chainfuel; Magik

Fan interaction

Yes, the next generation of creator platforms is empowering creators. But they are simultaneously empowering a creator’s fans as well. Fans today are getting more ways to showcase their love for a creator-likes, shares, and subscribe is old news.

Here are the platforms driving that change:
Virtual EventsAirmeet; Gatheround; Here; Gather; Moment House
Event ManagementMixiliy; Hologram; Hubb; Splash
WebinarOn24; ClickMeeting; Demio
Fan Access & InteractionVibely; Looped; Fanhouse; fave; memmo; Fanmio

Website builder

Websites are the business cards of the internet. Except, it can do a whole lot more than storing a name and a phone number. The next generation of website builders have drag and drop features; easy integrations; simple payment options and professional CRM capabilities.

Here are some of our favourite ones:
LinksKoji; Jemi; Beacons;
Website BuilderUniverse; Milkshake; Tellie
Store BuilderFourth Wall; Easol; Big Cartel


Creators make content. Content brings audiences. And audiences attract brands. This threeway dance between creators, audiences and brands is one that has existed almost as long as the creator economy itself. And for good reason-brand partnerships have been the biggest chunk of revenue for creators in the last decade.

These platforms have broken down the process of finding creator-brand fit for the benefit of all parties involved:
MarketplacesFavikon; Collabstr; Hypertrace; Hypeauditor
AffiliateKit; LTK; Geniuslink
Analytics & ReportingTokfluence; Statsocial; Influencity
Enterprise SaaSUpfluence; Grin; CreatorIQ; Famepick; Hivency
Content & LicensingSocialNative


Building a creative business on the web is one thing. But managing it is another thing completely.

These platforms allow creators get funded; get in-depth data analytics; find talent managers and even copyright protection:
Business ManagementInfluenceKit; Crevy; Lumanu; Harvel; Smooth Ops
Analytics & ReportingMention; Contenda; Quintly; Flick; NEWSWHIP
FinanceKarat; Stir; Scale; Encore; Lance; Earnr
Planning CoSchedule; Preview; Mav Social
FundingRoyalty Exchange; Creative Juice; Royal; Flowbo; Spotter; HumanIPO


The global gaming market is estimated to hit $256 billion by 2025. In an industry as huge as that, there are several ways an individual creator stands to profit off their talents. From more traditional ways of creating gaming content like streaming and game creation to newer forms like game coaching and e-sports news, it’s an exciting industry to be a part of.

MonetizationinSTREAMLY; loots; Streamloots; Nexus; 1v1ME
CoachingYomiHQ; GamerzClass; TheMeta; Mobalytics; Metafy
Game DevelopmentRoblox
Game DistributionGOG
EngagementStadium Live; Streamloots
Gaming News & Reviews The ESports Observer; ESports Insider
Analytics & StatsStreamBee; Esports Charts
Content Creation Tool Combo; Eternal; Hover; VoiceMod
Audience; Melon; Streamlabs
Manage StreamElements; XSplit; Mobcrush

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