How to monetize your content through fan engagement:

All creators face 3 problems in their career: 1. Being known: getting discovered online 2. Making money: monetizing their content and diversifying revenue streams 3. Connecting with fans: building direct, long-term relationships

Blogger Jess Ann Kirby is yet another creator on the growing list of those quitting Instagram. She named the instability of the algorithm and it’s effect on her mental health as two main reasons she’s leaving the app.

“All of a sudden you realize, oh my god, so much of my business is dependent on Instagram because I’ve put so much time here because this is where brands are spending their money,” she said to Buzzfeed. “But at the same time, I want to have control over my business. I don’t want Instagram to have control over it.”

Kirby’s story is not unique. There are three problems every content creator faces. There’s only one solution, and one app we’ve built to help creators achieve creative and economic freedom.

Three problems every Content Creator faces:

All creators face 3 problems in their career:

  • Being known: getting discovered online
  • Making money: monetizing their content and diversifying revenue streams
  • Connecting with fans: building direct, long-term relationships

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok – creators get discovered on these platforms so that solves problem #1.

But, they’re built for millions to view your content – not for 1-1 connection. They focus on getting more users on the app, not on helping creators build a living out of their creativity.

Fan loyalty solves these problems

Let us explain:
The easiest way to tell how successful a business will be in the long term is to ask:

  • How many customers does it have?
  • How loyal are these customers to the business?

For a creator, you can measure long-term success by asking:

  • How many fans do you have?
  • How loyal are these fans to you?

Fan loyalty means you can cheat the algorithm! You no longer have to rely on it when you have a direct relationship with fans.

Your most loyal fans, will then convert to paying subscribers and provide an alternate source of revenue for you.

All of this increases the longevity of your creative career.

Backstage: the only tool built for creators to increase fan loyalty

Backstage is a home for creators like you, and the people who love and support you.

We created this app to help creators like you:

  • Do what you love to do
  • Connect deeply and directly with people who share their passion
  • Collaborate with fans
  • Unlock capital to fund your lifestyle or your next project

A few features on Backstage you can explore:

  • Challenges:
    • You can run challenges on Backstage that engage your fans (Eg: “50 Push Ups A Day Challenge” if you’re a fitness creator 💪)
    • Or ones that help you take the guesswork out of content creation: crowdsource your next video idea, or outsource thumbnail creation. Make them a part of your creative team.
  • Hypelinks:
    • Gamify the process of going viral: launch hypelink missions where fans help you gain views on your content.
    • Each fan gets a unique URL for the link you want to be hyped (maybe a video, or your latest IG post)
    • Fans who get your content the highest traffic are ranked on a leaderboard and can be rewarded.
  • Coins:
    • Create your own private currency for your Backstage.
    • The more loyal the fan is, the more coins they have – you’ll be able to see your top fans on Backstage through a leaderboard.
    • You can automatically award coins to fans for things like great engagement, as well as manually award them for special, meaningful contributions to your Backstage.
    • Fans can exchange coins they’ve earned for perks!
  • Exclusives
    • You can create exclusive experiences for your fans which they can redeem through coins.
    • Once they’ve experienced this “higher tier” of engagement with you, they’ll be willing to convert to paying subscribers to retain access to these exclusives!

How can I start building fan loyalty on Backstage?

From Feb 7 to April 7 2022, we’re running the Creator Partner Program.

  • You don’t need millions of subscribers to make a living out of being a creator. We wager you only need 100 true fans.
  • So we’re putting out our money where our mouths are:
  • Creators can invite fans over to Backstage and begin building relationships. We have great prizes for great engagement. Creators with an active Backstage community can win up to $5000 each week on the app.
  • For the first 50 creators who join Backstage with over 100k followers on Youtube, Instagram or TikTok, we will pay them $1000/month for the next 3 months ($3000 overall for 3 months).
  • This is not just an extra source of income for our creators.
  • It’s our investment in you as a creator. We hope it encourages you to invest back into your fans, because fan loyalty is the key to your long-term success.

If you’d like to learn more about the partner program or how you can launch you Backstage:

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