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You may have heard of that urban legend.

In 2007, Joshua Bell, one of the most celebrated violinists of the modern era once entered a crowded subway station in Washington DC. Wearing simple clothes he stood in a corner of the subway and set up to play his Stradivarius violin. And for the next 45 minutes, he played the music of some of history’s greatest composers from Bach to Schubert to Ponce.

Now, this was a man who regularly sold-out theatres across the world. In fact, even the violin he had chosen to use that day was worth an approx. $3.5M. And yet, in that crowded subway, where close to 2000 people passed past him- 7 people paid attention to him for a few fleeting seconds.

Turns out that all the generational violin talent in the world doesn’t account for much unless you have people who can recognize it.

This is why fans are so important to a creator. They recognize the value offered by the creator and in exchange they offer attention. And in an economy where revenue is measured by clicks and time spent, the people who spend the most attention on you, are your greatest benefactors.

This is why we built app.

For YouTube creators to recognize the people who give them the stage they have.

With the SuperFan app you can create a leaderboard of your superfans; instantly generate a superfan profile and do a deep dive into your superfan’s engagement across your content.

So that you can see the data behind why the people who love you, love you.

So what do you have to do to get this Superfan party started?

  1. Connect your Youtube account to the app
  2. Allow permissions
  3. Finally, get to know who your most loyal fans are

Sound good? Let’s get to it then! Presenting!

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