Creator Economy Buzz: #SlapGate, FB’s Smear Campaign + the Viral App Competing with IG

Here’s the Creator Economy Buzz 🐝 you missed last week:


⏰ Teens spend x2 the time on TikTok vs Instagram.
⏰ Meta paid a PR firm to orchestrate a smear campaign against TikTok.
⏰ This isn’t even the first time! In 2011, their smear campaign against Google backfired too.


Convinced our marketing team that Will Smith is a YouTuber so we could talk about about The Slap:

✋💥 Jake Paul is offering $30M to Smith and Chris Rock if they step into the boxing ring and fight it out.
👀 MrBeast’s Squid Game video: 42.6M views on Day 1
👀 Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars: 48M views in just 16 hours.


💄 Pinterest’s Creator Fund is looking for Beauty Creators to apply!
💄 Their focus is on helping underrepresented creators grow and succeed by offering ad credits, cash grants and equipment.
💄 Get your application in:


📱 A new app is being called “Casual Instagram” after going viral on college campuses in the US.
📱 With Meta focusing on video, could BeReal App be the next big photo sharing app?


📚 The Visa Creator Program is educating creators on the tech behind NFTs and how to use digital collectibles to accelerate their small businesses!
📚 Get with the times, apply here:

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