Buzz: Handpicked Highlights from the Creator Economy

Each week on Creator Economy Buzz we handpick the most important articles, videos, blogs and tweets from creators, investors and thought leaders in the space. Our summarised highlights + insights are the easiest way for creators to catch up on what matters.

The Creator Economy moves fast. Blink and the app of tomorrow has been born. Blink again, the trend you just referenced is stale. Creators want to know their space but don’t have time to read and research on the daily? So, we’ll do it for you:

Welcome to Buzz 🐝
Every week we spend hours sifting through a mountain of newsletters, tweets, publications, videos and podcasts by creators, investors and thought leaders on the bleeding edge of this new economy.

We don’t just handpick the most important articles for you. We save your time with a short summary of the highlights + insights.

In under 2 mins:

  • Find out who TikTok’s highest earning stars were in 2021 here, or
  • Learn the best way to level up your thumbnail game

Buzz tells you what everyone will be talking about tomorrow, today.

Ask your followers which 3 IG feed options they’re most excited for (they’re bringing chronological back y’all 😭) before the update even hits their phones.

A few pieces fresh off the press so you know what you’re in for:
🔮 Reed’s 2022 Creator Predictions
👑 Why you should make 100 crappy videos

If you follow one page on the Creator Economy, let it be this one. Keeping up is super easy on

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